Editorial: Good work deserves good word

Jun. 06, 2014 @ 11:02 PM

Ending the academic calendar year at many institutions of learning means scores of awards and recognitions.

We’ve had many sent to us, been told about others and have shared a few stories. We were particularly touched by the dedication of Tommy Farmer. Anybody doing anything, when it is called work, for 46 years is to be commended.

For Farmer, this was a labor of love. He began in the 1960s working with children in the classroom and never lost the passion and desire to make a difference. He carried it outside the classroom, as well.

Along the way, he learned a great deal. So did the children.

Consider while he taught, nine men occupied the Oval Office, our state had nine governors, and the color barrier was not only broken for schools in Vance County but also for its governing leadership.

Congratulations on retirement, but more importantly, thanks for making a difference.

• Teen Court isn’t exactly a goal item, but doing well in competition for the N.C. Teen Court Association can be. Vance County had two winners recently in the association’s annual summit meeting.

Emonee Glover, a junior at Southern Vance High, was named the best lawyer in a mock trial. Tyree Green, a junior at Northern Vance High, was named best bailiff.

The teenagers were under the direction of Greg Kelly, a youth outreach coordinator for youth services in the Henderson-Vance Recreation and Parks Department. Among others, Kelly hailed the effort of a local lawyer, state Rep. Nathan Baskerville, in assisting the team.

• We’ve seen the community rally to a cause by voting online before with tremendous results. The chance is here again.

Area Christians Together in Service is seeking a $10,000 community improvement grant. ACTS was chosen as one of 30 finalists.

Visit community-fund.fluor.com/projects-list.aspx to cast a vote prior to Monday night’s deadline of 11:59.

ACTS plans, if successful, to use the funds to help the homeless, provide more weekday meals, add second language English classes and help in the fight against crime.

ACTS has been a mainstay in Henderson for many years and is counted on daily by the impoverished. We help them often; this time, it’s only a click away.