Letter: School board change wanted

Mar. 08, 2014 @ 11:30 PM

To the editor:

Citizens of Vance County should know one of the must repugnant individuals serving the public in this community is finally facing opposition. Carolyn Faines is challenging school board member Gloria White.

Mrs. Faines, this realization is analogous to being diagnosed with a terminal illness for years, and then later discovering the diagnoser(s) made some incomprehensible error(s). Hopefully we can get her “semi out of sight.” Her position to many is as damaging as looking directly at UV rays unprotected for hours on end.

Please come out and throw your full support behind Carolyn Faines. If you are successful Carolyn, we would have at least eliminated one of the three major culprits holding the betterment of Vance County Schools hostage for years.

Kimarlo Ragland