Relay raises $90K

Aug. 29, 2014 @ 04:19 PM

The Vance County Relay for Life fell short of its $140,000 goal this year, but organizers said the fundraiser was still job well done.

During the wrap-up celebration Thursday, co-chairwoman Heidi Owen announced the county had raised $99,472.93.

She said this was excellent considering the storm that fell on the day of the fundraiser.

Volunteer Tiffany Brodie, who raised money individually and as a member of Wal-Mart Distribution, said weather affected her campaign.

“This year didn’t seem to go as well as it had in the past,” she said.

Brodie said there were fewer vendors and people to show support versus last year when the county raised more than $150,000.

She still raised the most — $3,000 — as an individual this year.

More than 500 participants making up about 34 teams contributed to 2014 total.

Many said they were happy for another year to support family, friends and the community.

Volunteer Kim King said her team, Kian’s Fight, was able to raise about $2,800 in support for her 8-year-old son, who was diagnosed with cancer when he was 4.

“It’s always for a good cause,” she said. “Any time you have an event where the community can pull together, it’s always good.”

Kian’s Fight raised the most canned drink pull-tabs — about 5 coolers full, according to Owen — to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, a foundation that provides families with seriously ill or injured children with a place to live while the child is in the hospital, and earned a credit of $250 for next year.

Volunteer Tenisha Alton said got a head start on next year as well.

She said she has already raised $300 for next year’s event in support of her mother, who found out she had pancreatic cancer in February.

“It became a family thing,” she said. “She is beating it so far. Her doing so well is giving me the strength to keep on going.”

Next year, Vance County Relay for Life will have new organizers.

Katrina Tunstall, a math teacher at Northern Vance High School, and Sandra Parham, a teacher assistant at Vance Charter School, make up the new lead duo.

“It’s kind of scary,” Tunstall said. “It’s a real big responsibility to have to do it better than it’s been done.”

Toni Richardson will also be an acting co-chairwoman for the event next year. She is a social worker with the Vance County Department of Social Services.

They said they hope to bring in a diverse audience of excited individuals to make 2015 successful.

Tunstall said relay will kick off again in November.


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Top teams of 2014

Facebook Friends for a Cure: $14,019

Angels Among Us: $10,395

Wal-Mart Distribution: $7,183

North Henderson Baptist Church: $6,872

Spring Street Missionary Baptist Church: $6,141


Top individuals of 2014

Tiffany Brodie: $3,000

Betty Eaves: $2,500

Jeanette Brummitt: $2,500

Tommy Haithcock: $2,225

Nicky Owen: $2,190