Non-profit group releases analysis of 2012 voters

Jan. 24, 2013 @ 07:09 PM

President Barack Obama reminded citizens they chose him during his inaugural address this past Monday.

Also this week, Democracy North Carolina, a nonpartisan organization that uses research, organizing and advocacy to increase voter participation, released results of profile analysis on those choosing him.

In Vance County, there were 7,429 votes for Mitt Romney and 13,323 for Obama. Vance County ranked 55th in the state for its turnout out of registered voters, with 68.2 percent casting a ballot.

In Granville County 12,405 people cast a vote for Romney, and 13,598 chose Obama. A registered voter turnout rate of 72 percent marked the county eighth-best in the state.

Warren County was number two in the state with 74.8 percent of registered voters taking part in the election. The majority of people in Warren also voted for Obama, who received 6,978 votes to Romney’s 3,140.

Results throughout the state show Republicans turned out their members at a higher rate than Democrats for 65 out of 100 counties, but the trend was not seen locally.

In the Tri-County area an overwhelming majority of Democrats headed to the polls.

Out of a total 20,997 ballots cast in Vance County, 15,550 were registered Democrat, 2,843 Republican, 2,577 unaffiliated, and 27 Libertarian. In Granville County, 26,459 people cast ballots, 15,230 of which were registered Democrat, 6,496 Republican, 4,683 unaffiliated, and 49 Libertarian.

Warren County had a total of 10,268 voters, including 7,853 Democrats, 1,193 Republicans, 1,206 unaffiliated, and 16 Libertarian.

Voter demographics were broken down further by race, gender, and age.

Vance County was one of the four counties with the largest gap in turnout between women and men. Males accounted for 8,774 votes, while 70.8 percent of registered females accounted for 11,986 votes. 

In Vance County black women accounted for the majority of voters, with 6,787. White women were the second most prominent group of voters with 4,969, followed by black men at 4,349 and white men at 4,217.

Warren County was among four counties with the highest female turnout, with 77.1 percent of registered female voters showing up at the polls, and accounting for 5,705 votes.

Warren, with 5,636 black voters, and Granville County, with 9,443 black voters, were ranked in the top four counties with the highest turnout for black voters.

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