Final 'Meet Me' event brings out hundreds

Sep. 12, 2013 @ 08:28 PM

A crowd of more than 300 people filled Breckenridge Street Thursday night for the year’s third and final Meet Me in the Street, a free community event organized by the Henderson-Vance County Chamber of Commerce.

Food and beverage vendors lined the street amidst festive people, young and old, looking to eat, drink and dance along to entertainment by the Castaways, a local beach music band.

Rita and Eric Pierce, the principal of Western Vance High School, arrived with chairs and food in hand, ready for a picnic in the street.

“It’s our kind of music,” Eric Pierce said. “It’s nice to come and unwind after a day at work.”

John Barnes, president of the chamber, said the event brings people together.

“There is so much to enjoy at Meet Me in the Street. There is food, music and refreshments,” Barnes said. “But what I enjoy is looking around and seeing a lot of laughter and a lot of fellowship.”

Jason Stewardson was taking in the scene with his wife and two kids. Stewardson is the former director of the Henderson-Vance Downtown Development Commission and owner of Early Falsom Properties, Inc. in Henderson.

“It’s always good to draw the right crowd to downtown and this is one of them,” he said.

Stewardson said he doesn’t see folks get out of control, even with beer flowing throughout the evening.

“I’ve never seen that here, it’s always a pretty calm, fun crowd,” he said.

Lt. Irvin Robinson of the Henderson Police Department said there were four police officers at Thursday’s event, in addition to EMS officials and members of the fire department.

“We haven’t had any problem at any of the events this year,” Robinson said. “People leave when they are supposed to and they don’t drive home.”

“It’s a good event and they need to continue more events like this,” Stewardson said. “The Chamber of Commerce does a great job every year.”


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