Final Sunday street closure this weekend

Sep. 06, 2013 @ 09:37 PM

With one final Sunday of closing Garnett Street, crews will inch closer toward completion of a downtown streetlights project.

This weekend’s closure will be between Montgomery and Breckenridge streets starting at 5:30 a.m. Assistant City Manager Frank Frazier said the project to replace 65 streetlights with tear-drop style lights on taller poles is nearing completion.

Frazier said coming downtown events — the Sept. 21 Ducky Derby and the Oct. 18-20 Show, Shine, Shag & Dine — are not expected to be hindered.

“It will be a full day’s work on Sunday,” Frazier said. “There is some mid-block work of ours that needs to be done, and the city will continue some work on concrete sidewalks during the week following. We can’t put the concrete back until the new light poles are in.”

Since early August, the city worked during the week to prepare locations where old poles were to be removed and the new poles planned for placement. Duke Energy Progress has been doing heavy lifting work on Sundays, avoiding disruptions of weekday business in town.

Frazier said they are almost done, adding there will be some touch-up work after Sunday but no more street closures anticipated.

“There will be some work for us, for a week or so after this Sunday,” Frazier said. “This will possibly include a lane closure, but we shouldn’t have to close off the street for what we do.”

City crews are also replacing concrete around new poles and restore the sidewalk.

Some work is needed to restore corner areas at several intersections, and the signal lighting is also coming along by N.C. Department of Transportation crews.

Aug. 4 was the first Sunday of closing portions of Garnett Street.

The work by Duke Energy is on schedule to be done in advance of an Oct. 1 goal.

Duke Energy is footing the bill on its lighting gear provided to the city at a monthly energy cost already budgeted. NCDOT is paying on the signal lights.

A $25,000 budget remains for the city work that Frazier said is looking good for coming in under budget because the sidewalk cutting is not as extensive as originally anticipated.

The city approved replacement of 65 streetlights on Garnett, some of the lights were estimated at more than 80 years old, typically on 35-foot poles. Those are replaced with taller 40-foot poles that comply with changing regulations. The lighting should be a more uniform brightness throughout the thoroughfare.


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