Planning Board rezones Wilson Street parcel

Feb. 03, 2014 @ 10:05 PM

On Monday, the Henderson Planning Board voted to rezone 3.55 acres on Wilbur Street from industrial to neighborhood commercial.

Prior to the action, Chairman Mike Rainey opened a public hearing and asked if anyone wanted to speak in favor of the change.

Ruth Brummitt, who is listed as the owner of the property and had requested the rezoning, said she wanted the change to help spur economic development in the area.

“Rezoning the property will make it more marketable, and zoning would be more consistent,” she said.

She noted an adjacent piece of property was rezoned at an earlier meeting and approved by the City Council. She added that properties on both sides of the subject property are zoned B4, or neighborhood commercial.

Realtor Donald Matthews also spoke in favor of the rezoning, and no one spoke in opposition.

Rainey closed the public hearing and asked if any members of the planning board had questions or comments.

Board member Jimmie Ayscue asked zoning administrator Sherry Moss if she had received responses from neighboring property owners about the rezoning request. She said she got some phone calls, but no one objected to the proposed change.

Neighborhood commercial zoning differs from industrial in that the former allows more retail uses; both, however, are commercial.

Ayscue moved to approve the rezoning request. It was approved unanimously and will be forwarded to the City Council for final action.

Rainey opened a second public hearing on a recommended ordinance related to signs. The ordinance forbids the placement of signs in street rights of way and public places except in compliance with the city zoning code. A violator can be charged $50 for each illegally placed sign.

Rainey asked if anyone wanted to speak on the issue. When no one spoke, he closed the public hearing, and the board unanimously voted to approve the ordinance.

A third item of business dealt with design requirements for signs. Moss suggested that a committee be formed to develop recommendations to present to the board. Charles Douglas, Horace Bullock and Ayscue volunteered to serve on the committee.

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