Police search for shooting suspect

Jul. 30, 2013 @ 08:20 AM

Two Henderson women were in stable condition on Monday after a shooting incident on Arch Street Saturday morning sent both to the hospital.

Lt. Christopher Ball of the Henderson Police Department said Saturday the women were bystanders. According to an incident report, the shooting happened at 3:25 a.m.

Both women, named in the report as injured by gunfire, hold residence addresses elsewhere from the Flint and Arch streets area where at least five shots were reported.

One was struck by a bullet in the mouth and the other by a bullet in the leg, according to Ball. Police said the women went to a 600 block Flint Street location to contact police and responders for emergency assistance.

The police report in the case noted that the Flint Street location where the women took refuge was also struck by fired rounds, with three hits to the exterior walls doing $400 worth of damage.

There is no indication that the incident was a drive-by shooting, according to Ball.

An investigation is ongoing. Other people were in the vicinity and police are conducting interviews.

Ball said police are in search of a suspect.

Further information can be given to the police at (252) 431-6063, or to Crime Stoppers at (252) 492-1925.

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