Comprehensive master plan for recreation finalized

Jun. 13, 2014 @ 06:30 PM

The parks and recreation commission has given final approval to a comprehensive master plan, which now goes to the Henderson City Council and Vance County Commissioners for approval and adoption.

Will Brooks, regional planner for the Kerr-Tar Council of Governments, said the Henderson-Vance Parks and Recreation Department will be able to update the final draft over time as needed and can still use the original format.

“I think it is a good basis and will be very beneficial when you go to apply for things like grants, additional funding,” Brooks said, “or to present to the city council or county commissioners that there is a need and it’s documented.”

The Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments is under contract to manage the survey as part of leading the development of the master plan, which is designed to support future decisions based on current facts and future estimations.

The plan shows Vance County grew by 2,468 residents from 2000 to 2010, or 0.6 percent annually. Age groups 0-19 and older than 60 comprise 50 percent of the current population, according to the plan.

The current estimates predict less than 0.5 percent total growth by 2020 and slightly above 1 percent growth by 2030.

The commission also heard from Mike Breedlove, of Clearview Baptist Church, who requested his church be allowed to adopt Owen Davis Park across from Flint Street.

“We’ve got a ministry for the last year in the Flint Hill neighborhood,” he said. “We have basically adopted that section of inner city. We boarded up houses and try to get all the lots cut and also we are trying our best to help that community.”

He said the park has only one swing and one basketball hoop, which has a backboard riddled with gun shot holes.

“I’ve seen where we have already made great improvements in the neighborhood and we would like to slowly go in and try to make additional improvements,” he said.

Breedlove said he also wanted his church to put up a sign in the park with its name and logo.

Randy Oxendine, of the parks and recreation commission, said he would review Breedlove’s request to enter into the Adopt-A-Park agreement.

“I appreciate you coming forward because you didn’t pick an ideal park,” Oxendine said. “You picked a park that really needs it.”

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