Faines believes better place to learn is possible in system

Apr. 15, 2014 @ 09:26 PM

The political side of the school system is new territory for school board candidate Carolyn Faines.

“I’ve worked in the school system, but this is a whole new journey,” Faines said. “But with any job, there is on the job training. I am committed to learning as I go.”

Faines is running for the District 1 board of education seat in Vance County. Gloria White is the incumbent. The two Democrats are the only school board race in the primary May 6.

Her campaign, “running to win,” references not only her campaign, but also the community as a whole.

“Everything that Vance County puts its hand in we are going to win,” Faines said.

Faines said her goal is to perfect programs that the school system already has in place. She stresses the emphasis on listening to understand how she can make the Vance County school system a better place to learn.

“We have a lot of programs in place, but are they effective?” Faines said. “We are bringing kids out of the public school and putting them in private school and they are excelling, but they are the same kids. I am not sure where the breakdown is, but we need to focus and pull our schools up to par.”

Although new to the campaign trail, Faines, a native of Winnsboro, has worked in the Vance County Schools for more than 20 years. She progressed from the New Hope Elementary School’s bus driver in 1990 to assistant teacher, and finally sims data manager and bookkeeper before resigning in 2002.

Since then, Faines has become senior pastor of I believe God Outreach and Worship Center and continues to work part-time as a tutor and trainer with various schools in the Vance County school system.

Faines believes everyone can learn and has implemented the goals throughout her church and work at the school system.

She started a GED program at New Hope Elementary to educate parents, with hopes of a trickle down effect to their children.

Her church paired with various schools to initiate a Promise Keepers program, in which adults paired with children with promises of uphold, uplift each other to excel in their work and schools.

She said her church always participates in fundraising drives and outreach programs for the less fortunate community, with emphasis on the kids.

“I just want to listen.” Faines said. “We need to understand where the breakdown is before we can do anything. I hope to wake up the dream that lets them know that they can make it through any situation.”

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