County to talk changes to water

Apr. 05, 2014 @ 05:17 PM

On Monday, Vance County commissioners will gather at 6 p.m. to discuss water, finance and property.

The board’s committees have brought forward many potential courses of action that need to be approved.

The Water District Board is on the agenda to request approval to issue more than 150 residents’ Phase 2 water contract refunds and ask for permission to seek grant money that can provide additional water service throughout the county.

The committee also recommended keeping the base fee at $30, since signups have so far lagged behind projections.

Customers signed an agreement stating a base fee of about $20 would be applied to their bill.

But after construction began, county water officials realized sign-ups were lower than projected; this edged the average customer bill of no more than $45 up to closer to $55.

Commissioners are scheduled to review proposals for audits of county financial allocations, including donations to the volunteer fire departments.

The county manager is on the agenda to request approval for the Fall Litter Sweeps Campaign.

The board will fill three county vacancies:

• Lois Williams is scheduled to be appointed to the Nursing Home Advisory Committee.

• Nelson Falkner Jr. is scheduled be appointed the Airports Authority.

• Timothy Neubauer is scheduled be appointed to the Vance County Appearance Commission.

Also during the meeting, the human resources committee is scheduled address filling other county openings, including Economic Development Commission applications that have been pending for more than a month.

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