EDC post to remain vacant for now

Apr. 04, 2014 @ 06:16 PM

The Vance County Board of Commissioners’ human resources committee needs more information before it can make a decision on who should fill a long-vacant position on the Economic Development Commission.

“This is too important not to do right,” Commissioner Gordon Wilder said.

Commissioners tasked committee members with the responsibility of nominating a candidate with whom to move forward. Instead, the board decided to formulate an additional survey for applicants.

“We have a wide range of candidates with a wide range of experience,” Commissioner Dan Brummitt said. “That application is very vague in a bunch of ways.”

The additional survey will include questions outlining each candidate’s involvement in the community, including what contacts he or she may have in the local, state and federal government.

Brummitt advised his peers they should look at the economic board’s current makeup to see what holes can be filled.

“Serving on the board is one thing, but what do you do?” he said. “We want someone who is going to participate and be aggressive and try to bring jobs in the community.”

The committee agreed to pull from the Economic Development Commission’s mission statement and Brummitt’s advice to draft essay questions. The questions will not be released to the public.

“We want to make sure that each applicant gets the questions at the same time,” Chairwoman Deborah Brown said.

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