Vance-Granvile strategy moving forward

Mar. 02, 2013 @ 11:27 AM

Preliminary plans for Vance-Granville Community College’s 2014-2019 Strategic Plan are expected to be complete in the spring.

Upon arrival at VGCC as the new president, Stelfanie Williams began developing five areas of focus aimed at enhancing the school.

Known as the Five Big Ideas, they were developed as a broad base for planning, using input and feedback from all departments.

“We started a little over a year ago, initiating the Five Big Ideas,” said Williams, who humbly passed her one-year annivesary with the college recently. “They’re broad areas where we needed to do a little thinking and digging.”

A Vanguard Vision committee, comprised of 30 members of the VGCC community, uses the president’s Five Big Ideas as a framework for the strategic plan.

The five areas of focus include educational excellence, organizational culture, continuous improvement, one college experience and institutional stewardship.

Educational excellence is focused on increasing student achievement through evidence-based educational practices, student centered learning, college-wide availability, support of diverse learners, and nurturing relationships between the college and community.

With organizational culture, Williams hopes to create an environment of open communication on campus through valuing health, safety and quality of life for employees.

“We want to create a campus culture that is positive and productive,” said Williams.

Continuous improvement includes prioritizing individualized services to students, instituting data-informed decision making and establishing leadership development that supports and empowers all employees.

With a diverse range of students attending VGCC, William’s goal is to create one college experience for all by fostering student, faculty and staff engagement in college life at all campuses.

Finally, institutional stewardship involves securing new and innovative resources to support institutional goals, implementing risk assessment and risk management and promoting services and communication to students and the community.

“Areas for continuous improvement include traditional academia, but we have to stay relevant, and reflect and lead the economic changes,” Williams said.

Faculty and staff selected by application for the Vanguard Vision Committee are tasked with refining the strategic plan’s goals, mission, vision and values.

“We’re still gathering information, planning, and thinking at this point,” said Evelyn Harris, director of distance education at VGCC. “We’re trying to drive forward the process so that we keep it on target, and make sure we get to a final plan by the fall.”

Harris, who has worked at VGCC since 1995, has an earnest interest in the school’s future.

“I just wanted to see Vance-Granville be a successful school,” Harris said. “I’ve been here a long time and I want to see it grow and become successful, and be one of the top schools in the state.”

The Vanguard Vision Committee has hosted meet and greets at all four campuses of VGCC.

“We went out and asked for people from within the campus to come in and give input,” Harris said. “We want to hit all areas, but take it one piece at a time.”

Subcommittees within the Vanguard Vision Committee helped guide specialized topics to compile preliminary framework for the strategic plan.

A finalized strategic plan is expected to be looked at in the fall, and approval from VGCC’s Board of Trustees will come in the spring of 2014.


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