Commissioners recognize Boy Scouts

Feb. 25, 2013 @ 08:20 PM

Boy Scouts in Troop 605 were dually honored last night, with a county lapel pin from the Vance County Board of Commissioners and their citizenship of the community merit badge.

Troop 605 joined commissioners for their February meeting earlier this month to learn more about how county government functions in the community.

“In order to receive their merit badge, they have to participate in the community, and try to attend one of the meetings,” said Steve Hopfer, Troop 605 scoutmaster. “It teaches them how to be better citizens and help with the community.”

In recognition of their attendance of the meeting and as a token of thanks for their attentiveness and interest in community matters, commissioners honored them with a county lapel pin.

“The board was duly impressed with the presence and attention of the young people in the proceedings that were going on,” said Jerry Ayscue, county manager. “It was just a very positive experience for the Boy Scouts, and county officials to see their interest in county government.”

Scouts in attendance of the meeting experienced the functions of county government for the first time, leaving them baffled to discover the amount of money discussed during budgetary items.

“The secretary was going over the books, and a lot of them were surprised how much money, you know millions of dollars,” Hopfer said. “One of our leaders works at the jail so we used that as an example, telling them how much it cost per inmate, per day, and add electricity and maintenance, and they were like, ‘Wow. That cost a lot of money.’”

As 16 boys earned their merit badges Monday night, they did so with the respect from county commissioners. They also took one more step toward the rank of Eagle Scout.

Boy Scouts from communities across the nation may be governed differently, but the community merit badge signifies they all have one point in common.

Each person can help make decisions about their community through their elected local officials.

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