Museum will host steel drum concert

Oct. 10, 2013 @ 06:14 PM

Henderson Institute Museum will present a concert of pan steel drum music on Saturday afternoon at 5.

Drummer Wilton Dubois, of Resounding Steel, will demonstrate the artistry of steel drum music. He will be accompanied by guitarist Randy Evans.

“This is a new and different culture for some people in the area,” said Edna Scott, the director of the museum.

Pan music started in western Africa and was brought by slaves to Trinidad and other Caribbean countries. The colonial rulers banned drums and other rhythm instruments, fearing they carried messages related to rebellion. Not to be silenced, the Trinidadians took metal objects such as empty oil barrels to make music.

When it was discovered that pans could be shaped to produce different pitches and tones, steel drums became instruments capable of performing in a variety of musical traditions, including jazz, classical, rhythm and blues, Motown and standards. Dubois will demonstrate the versatility of steel drums in the concert.

“This should be a unique cultural experience for all attendees,” Scott said.

To heighten the cultural impact, Caribbean refreshments will be served along with American refreshments.

Dubois is founder and CEO of Resounding Steel, Inc., a nonprofit organization located in Durham, that teaches young people to play steel drums. The program has two objectives: to give the participants a historical perspective and instill in them an appreciation of all kinds of music.

Evans is vice-president of the organization.

Henderson Institute Museum is located at 629 West Rockspring St. in Henderson.


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