Festival scheduled Saturday in Warrenton

Oct. 10, 2013 @ 06:12 PM

WARRENTON — There’ll be plenty of music for the Harvest Market Festival Saturday. And it will have a local flavor three times over.

The Warren County Travelers, featuring locals Ricky Young and Randy Medlin, will play their brand of country and bluegrass music.

Coming from the West Coast will be the Paulie Cerra Band, which includes Warren County’s Sam Meek, to offer jazz and rhythm and blues.

And from Oxford, back by popular demand, 13-year-old Jonathan Abbott will sing the national anthem. Then, as The Abbotts, he and grandfather Keith Abbott will provide gospel music.

Woodie King, chairman of the Warrenton Revitalization Committee that sponsors of the festival, said visitors to the festival will be able to find food, drink, baked goods and products of the many local artisans in addition to some great music. The farmers market will open with fresh fruits and vegetables.

“We will have 50 vendors,” he said. “We can handle 60. There will be a combination of crafts and food venders.”

The festival will get started at 10 a.m. on the historic Warren County Courthouse Square on Main Street.

The live entertainment, sponsored by CenturyLink, will begin at 10 with The Abbotts.

The Warren County Travelers will come on at 11:15, followed by the Paulie Cerra Band at 12:45.

King said Paulie Cerra was in the area for a wedding and asked King if he would like them to play at the Harvest Market Festival.

“I said, ‘What’ll it take?’” King said.

Whatever it took, they will be there. Participants will be able to hear Warren County’s rising star, Meek, who is well thought of in the music community. In an interview with David Mac of Blues Junction Productions, Cerra said, “Sam Meek is a great young blues guitar player. He’s one of the guys who is going to be a great musician for a very long time because he works very hard on his playing. He’s just a great musician and a great guy.”

King advised people to bring their lawn chairs.

“That’s one thing we don’t provide,” he said.

More information can be obtained by calling (252) 257-1122.

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