Southern Vance students host elementary math competition

Apr. 25, 2013 @ 06:43 PM

Top fifth-grade math students from nine different elementary schools in Vance County competed in a math competition Thursday afternoon.

For the second year in a row, Southern Vance’s math club hosted the competition, working since the beginning of the year to write and compile questions for individual and team tests.

“The students, they’ve been coming up with questions since January,” said Jameil Floyd, who teaches math, physical education and also heads up the math club at Southern Vance.

All Vance County elementary school teams were present with the exception of E.M. Rollins and Carver. Henderson Collegiate was also in attendance.

Ten students, making two teams of five, represented each school.

“How we’re going to tally up the scores is, the top three individuals from each school, we take their points and then we add them with points they get from the top team,” Floyd said. “So each school has two opportunities to win the team competition, and then they have 10 opportunities to receive top individual student.”

Haley Orr, a senior at Southern Vance who plans to study pre-law at Kent State in the fall, heads the math competition event committee and directed the event.

“The first test is always very serious, but the second exam, where they get to work cooperatively, is really fun and they seem to really enjoy that one more,” Orr said. “The questions on the second exam are more kid-friendly to start with. Not in terms of the math, it’s still the same level of math, but in terms of the subject matter, it’s not as serious.

“Most of them if you read them, are about cartoon characters.”

Also helping to organize the event was Justin Williford, a sophomore math club member at Southern Vance.

“Justin compiled all the questions to create the test,” Floyd said. “He took all the questions that were submitted and then created this beautiful test.”

Students had a time limit for individual tests, which included 30 different questions. Team tests, also timed, were made up of 10 questions.

“Team tests, it’s 10 questions, but they’re paired off, so you have to get the correct answer for number one to answer number two,” Floyd said. “You have to get the correct answer for number three for number four and so on.”

Members of Southern Vance’s math club also acted as proctors, silently monitoring test takers.

“They work hard, considering some of the stuff we put on the test isn’t under their curriculum,” said Ebony Smith, a senior at Southern Vance. “They took it on really well. They are willing to work hard on each question.”

“Surprisingly, I’ve seen them get a lot of them right.”

Annie Bullock, a test proctor and senior at Southern Vance, was also impressed with her observations of the young students’ capability.

“For their ages, they’re doing excellent for this kind of math,” Bullock said. “You can really tell they care about math.”

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How they fared


1. Zachary Dickerson, Aycock

2. Lane Wade, Aycock

3. Haley Williams, Zeb Vance

4. Latavian Burton, New Hope

5. (tie) Christian Sanford, Zeb Vance and Allie Pulley, E.O. Young


1. Family of five, Henderson Collegiate

2. Little Einstein’s, New Hope

3. Young tiger paws, E.O. Young


1. Aycock Elementary

2. New Hope Elementary

3. Zeb Vance