Another sentence rendered for MGM

Dec. 06, 2013 @ 06:50 PM

Jasmine Sade Hargrove of Henderson received a 10-year prison sentence Thursday from U.S. District Court Judge James Dever III for one count of conspiracy to distribute heroin.

Hargrove is the third Money Gang Mob member to be sentenced in federal court this week. The 13 connections to MGM now have sentences totaling a minimum of 137 years and two months.

According to investigative reports, the 22-year-old Hargrove confessed she made trips to New Jersey, each time to get about half a dozen 50-bag “bricks” of heroin every several weeks for Pair, who she identified as her supply source.

The trips took place over a five-month period from October 2011 through February 2012.

Hargrove cooperated with Timothy Graden and Timothy Sloan, special agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. She provided an outline of heroin deliveries from Pair to many MGM members.

The investigation against Hargrove, who also went by the name Jasmine Champion, included a Feb. 23, 2012, search of her 140 N. Shank St., Lot 24, home, based on information from a confidential informant.

Other informants cooperated with the case.

Serving sentences already as part of the MGM cases are Quatrail Pair (30 years), Tyshik-kee Williams (20 years), Darnell Tyrece Hayes (17 years, six months), Herbert Artis Smith (15 years), Robert Earl Ross (12 years, nine months), Almonmonick “Shawn” Bullock (nine years), Angela Wilkerson (five years, 10 months), Justin Williams (five years, 10 months), Patrick O’Neil Cooper (five years, three months), Mercedes Christmas-McKinnie (four years), La’Trel Henderson (one to two years) and Markeith Hart (one to two years).

Pair is also still facing a first-degree murder charge in connection to the shooting death of 16-year-old Deonte Judkins in December 2012.

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