City Council approves spending needs

Jan. 15, 2014 @ 07:06 PM

Henderson is buying more legal representation against Oxford, repairs at the police training center and they are ready to approve about a dozen small adjustments to renovation work at the Nutbush sewer facility.

The City Council crunched the numbers on the three expenditures totaling nearly $85,000 Monday.

According to documentation on the water department fund transfer, a contingency fund was tapped for $5,000 to pay for “professional services,” meaning “coverage for anticipated additional costs of legal services as a result of the lawsuit involving the City of Oxford’s claim regarding the Granville County water sales agreement.”

Since the beginning of the fiscal year, including Monday’s transfer, the water department’s non-departmental contingency fund has been drawn down a total of $15,000, all going to the “professional services” line item, leaving $27,700.

The professional services line item stands at $18,700 following Monday’s decision by the council.

Insurance money paid by a $29,700 check to a city deposit account in June is finally ready to be spent on repairs to a shelter at the Henderson police training facility outside the city on Oxford Road.

Chief Marcus Barrow reminded council members that the repairs follow a fire incident in early 2013, the cause of which remains uncertain.

“Back in March, we had damage by fire,” Barrow said.

Monday’s action by council endorsed a bid by Highland Company of Eastern North Carolina in the amount of $29,700. Added to the bid was $5,060 to demolish an old mobile unit at the facility that could pose a future hazard and to cap an unused well found during the investigation of the fire.

“The additional $5,000 is paid for from asset forfeiture funds,” Barrow said, adding the transfer will leave about $30,000 in the asset forfeiture account.

The $18 million project to renovate the Nutbush water reclamation facility was tweaked for a second time since breaking ground.

A $33,000 total estimate was the focus of a work session report by facility director Tom Spain, who said the request is in addition to $55,000 approved earlier for clarifier brushes and several additional doors.

Spain listed about a dozen funding adjustments that include manhole replacement, piping, a flow meter vault and relocating work totaling nearly $50,000. A couple adjustments downward include a reduction in cost for clarifier rebar and a project credit, subtracting more than $16,000.

“These are preliminary estimates,” Spain said. “A final budget amendment will be presented on Jan. 27.”

If the estimates hold, the project’s contingency fund would stand at about $568,000 after funds are transferred.


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