Water talks continue for city council

Aug. 23, 2014 @ 01:13 PM

The Henderson City Council will evaluate its options for expanding water to the extra-territorial jurisdiction, which is an area surrounding the city that does not have access to city services.

At the meeting Monday night, the council will discuss county commissioner Tommy Hester’s request to work with Vance County to fund infrastructure that would supply sections of Poplar Creek and Ruin Creek roads with public water.

Vance County has begun construction on its own water district, which is divided into phase 1A, phase 2A and phase 2B.

Construction on phase 1A — which serves the Sandy Creek Township area — is nearing completion, and phases 2A and 2B are currently under construction.

Henderson City Manager Ray Griffin said the Vance County Water District has a funding surplus of $500,000 from the phase 1A contract because the county did not have enough demand in certain areas.

He said the county water district has requested to extend water services into neighborhoods that are not currently served by the city — including Parrott Road, Weybossett Road, Carolina Pines subdivision and Hunters Ridge subdivision off U.S. 158 Business.

Griffin said a U.S. 158 Business water main extension from Ruin Creek Road to Poplar Creek Road is projected to cost $660,000 using a ductile iron pipe.

He recommends the council establish a growth corridor in the extra-territorial jurisdiction as an initial draft that would be used to coordinate and negotiate with the county.

He also recommends they establish a priority listing of water mains to be constructed, and work with the county water district to determine how existing funding sources could be used in areas with the highest priority.


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