Message sent by Granville commissioners

Apr. 03, 2013 @ 05:20 PM

OXFORD — Early voting should be left alone, according to commissioners in Granville County.

The board has adopted a resolution to send to the N.C. General Assembly. The measure, introduced by Tony Cozart and passed unanimously, asks for the current system of early voting to be maintained.

Speaking during the public comments portion of the meeting, Patrice Dunn of Oxford said a bill being considered by the legislature would cut voting hours. She presented statistics from the Granville County Board of Elections showing that more than half of the votes cast in Granville County in the 2012 general election were cast as one-stop ballots during the early voting period.

The board also adopted a resolution calling on the General Assembly to restore funding to the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund, which had been funded by dedicated revenues generated by the deed stamp tax. However, the governor’s budget proposal removed the dedicated revenue source and replaced it with a direct budget appropriation.

Funding by that means would total $15.5 million for each year, compared with $27.5 million if the deed stamp tax is the source.

The commissioners approved leasing 18 parking spaces on the Oxford Credit Union’s parking lot on Watkins Street. The lease will run for three years with a cost of $15 per space per month for a total annual cost of $3,240.

The board approved a memorandum of understanding with the City of Oxford to expand the size of the water line serving the Granville County Expo and Convention Center from 8 inches to 12 inches. The city has agreed to pay the additional cost.

The commissioners authorized repairs on a generator at the jail at a cost of $9,214.78, which will come from the contingency fund.

Commissioner David Smith presented a plaque to Floyd Jay expressing appreciation for his 24 years of service as a deputy sheriff. Smith was sheriff during many of the years Jay served.

The commissioners made the following appointments:

• Veterans Affairs Committee: James E. Hunsuckle to represent District 7.

• Board of Adjustment: Larry Downey (District 1) and Roy Thomas Cash (District 4). Wayne Overton, who previously was alternate for District 2, was moved up to be the primary representative.

• ABC Board chairman: Allen Nelson.

The commissioners deferred action on appointing a representative from District 3 to the Board of Trustees of the Granville County Library System. Commissioner David Currin said he has been unable to find a resident of his district who is willing to serve.

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