Taylor joins commission

Dec. 07, 2012 @ 05:56 PM

Prior to Monday night’s meeting of the Vance County commissioners, newly elected commissioner Archie Taylor was sworn into office by Judge Henry W. Hight Jr.

Taylor’s wife stood by his side as he took his official oath of office. His first meeting as a Vance County commissioner began shortly after with Taylor taking the seat of longtime commissioner Tim Pegram.

“We’re glad you’re here,” said newly-appointed chairman, Tommy Hester. “We’re glad you have committed to putting in the time, hard work and dedication.”

Taylor, a Democrat, ran unopposed during November’s election. A retired Army colonel, he commanded a company in the 82nd Airborne.

One of Taylor’s main concerns as a commissioner is utilizing technology in an efficient and affective manner.

“I would like to work toward making sure we use technology in a more efficient manner,” Taylor said.

During the meeting Taylor asked the board why online voting could not be used for making decisions on sub-committee issues.

“I was concerned that sub-committee voting couldn’t be done beforehand,” he said. “I want to make sure Vance County commissioners are taking full advantage of technology in its operating procedures.”

Taylor also raised a question in reference to the secondary road program report presented by Steve Winstead with the N.C. Department of Transportation.

“How do we determine the priority of what roads are paved and which roads aren’t?” Taylor said.

Winstead replied by explaining a system through which each road is given a priority rating based on the condition of the road.

“The number of homes, schools, churches, etcetera on the road also helps us determine priority,” Winstead said.

Taylor’s question helped refresh the board on valid points of importance related to the program.

“It’s nice to have fresh eyes,” Hester said. “Fresh eyes bring fresh ideas.”

Taylor has ascribed to putting service above self, and is looking to serve the board with the same motto. He hopes to do so by giving all citizens fair consideration.

“I want to make sure the county residents are all getting equal and fair representation,” Taylor said. “So, that was part of my question last night.

“Some of our roads that don’t have maybe as many people, I wanted to make sure they were getting a fair look.”

Further questions from Taylor regarding procedures of the board meeting led commissioner Terry Garrison to suggest an orientation to better acclimate him with the normal flow of a commissioner meeting.

“Perhaps we could host some type of an orientation during our retreat,” Garrison said. “We need to give more insight to how we handle things.”

Also sworn in during Monday night’s meeting were re-elected commissioners Deborah Brown, Terry Garrison and Eddie Wright. They each took their oaths of office amidst a crowded room of family and friends.

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