Hester to talk water lines

Jul. 26, 2014 @ 05:12 PM

The Henderson City Council is working to find ways for residents in the extra-territorial jurisdiction to receive public water.

On Monday night, the council plans to hear from Vance County commissioner Tommy Hester about potential funding sources to provide water to certain areas along the U.S. 158 Bypass, Oxford Road, Ruin Creek Road and Poplar Creek Road in the extra-territorial jurisdiction — which is a buffer-zone between the city and county.

Residents who want municipal water also live in subdivisions between the main thoroughfares — in areas such as Dabney Woods, Parrott Road, Wey Bossett Road and the Carolina Pines neighborhood.

“My constituents in that area have asked me to come talk to the city about water and having a policy set up to get people water in that area,” he said.

The county’s water project — which was divided into stages 1A, 2A and 2B — is preparing for construction in the phase 2A and 2B areas, which is located in Townsville, Williamsboro and Dabney.

Hester said federal funding for the county water system has money available to provide additional roads in the phase 2 areas.

In some cases, these areas would be in the county’s service area while other areas would be in the city’s service area, according to City Manager Ray Griffin.

In February 2013, the City Council approved a grant and loan application to the Drinking Water Sate Revolving Fund to fund water lines in the extra-territorial jurisdiction.

In March 2014, the city received notice the project was not awarded for funding but would be considered again during the September 2014 funding round.

Hester said U.S. Department of Agriculture funding and other grant sources could be an opportunity for ETJ and county residents to have water lines built near their homes.

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