Vance, Granville boards talk county line

Jul. 19, 2014 @ 10:30 PM

Vance and Granville county commissioners will start tackling the county line issue Tuesday.

Vance County Manager Jerry Ayscue said the counties are looking to resolve voter registration aspects by Oct. 10.

During the meeting, commissioners will investigate roots of problem, which began with North Carolina redrawing its state and county lines in 2010.

In April, the North Carolina Department of Transportation moved county road markers — under the direction of Granville County — to align with the new state standards.

Granville County Manager Michael Felts said July 10 county lines moved anywhere from a few feet to the length of a football field, affecting about 10 properties.

Ayscue said July 9 about three of those were originally registered in Vance County.

He said he learned of the new county lines when he received calls from concerned residents who were sent notifications to vote in the neighboring county.

During the boards’ regular meetings earlier this month, six commissioners whose districts line the borders — Vance County chairwoman Deborah Brown and commissioners Tommy Hester and Dan Brummitt and Granville County chairman David Smith and commissioners Tony Cozart and Ed Mims — were assigned to establish the official boundaries and fix any issues associated.

“The board of elections will probably be the proper vehicles to work together and resolve the voting registration issues,” Ayscue said. “We just want to make sure efforts are on the way to address that, to provide support and assistance where need be.”

Commissioners will also begin talk of taxation, programs and services transfers.

Ayscue and Felts stressed that this is not adversarial meeting, and they do not predict issues will be solved right away.

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