Quick action saves animals, home from fire

Mar. 07, 2013 @ 04:31 PM

A Vance County family of six was displaced by a house fire Tuesday night on Thomas Road that damaged part of the home.

The family is thanking quick responses by firefighter volunteers that saved their home from going completely up in smoke.

Vance County Fire Chief Harold Henrich said that volunteer crews from Hicksboro and Townsville, with firefighters and emergency responders with Vance County, rushed to the scene at 2562 Thomas Road at about 8:40 p.m., Tuesday.

“It was a small fire in the dining room,” Henrich said. “There was a lamp that was probably too close to wood shavings.”

Henrich said that a water and wood-shaving shelter for two baby ducks and six baby chicks was the source of the fire.

Family parents Anthony and Kim Ayscue said they thought the lamp had a blowout, starting the fire.

They added that if it wasn’t for an unusual variation from their routine, they would not have arrived home as soon as they did to see the smoke while the fire was still relatively small.

Anthony Ayscue punched in a window, but a hose was already rendered useless from flames. He and several teenage children scooped puddle water onto flames as they waited for firefighters to arrive.

“They did a really good job,” he said, “and the firefighters were there in no time.”

The youngest of the four children aged 9 to 17 worried about the duck and chickling babies until a firefighter brought them out of the home, rescued.

Some had singed feet and feathers, but all were alive and expected to recover, Kim Ayscue said.

The family received help from the Red Cross that arranged a brief stay at a local motel for them, and they were in touch with the Salvation Army church in Henderson for further assistance.

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