No charges for cousin in shooting

Jan. 04, 2013 @ 06:22 PM

WARRENTON — A Tuscarora Road shooting death in Warren County Sunday was justified, according to District Attorney Sam Currin.

Currin said an aggressive knife attack threatened the shooter and other family members.

Currin met Friday with local investigators in the case. The altercation between cousins near Arcola began with 42-year-old Edward Richardson making threatening moves while armed with a knife at his cousin, 38-year-old Stanley Richardson Jr.

It ended When Stanley Richardson shot Edward Richardson first in the leg, and then fatally when he came at him again, according to Currin.

“That was self defense and the defense of others,” Currin said. “He shot him in the leg, but the man kept coming, so he had to shoot him again.”

Edward Richardson has a 255 Tuscarora Road address. Stanley Richardson has a 259 Tuscarora Road address.

Currin said that Stanley Richardson received a call while in the woods hunting. His wife was in fear after Edward Richardson appeared, was intoxicated and tried to get into the house.

“There was a number of people there, and all of their stories agreed that the man was coming out at him with a knife,” Currin said. “There will be no charges in it.”

Warren County Sheriff Johnny Williams, when initially announcing that the incident occurred, said he was unsure if Edward Richardson died from one or more gunshot injuries, but there were witnesses at the scene who described more than one shot being fired.

“There was more than one shell casing found at the scene,” Williams said.

According to Williams, the incident occurred at around 11:10 a.m., Sunday, when the call came to sheriff’s deputies to respond to the scene.

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