Vance County embraces romance

Feb. 13, 2013 @ 08:42 PM

Today is Valentinue’s Day, and Vance County still has romance.

It is the season of romance and the season of love. Love has traveled seas and climbed mountains and has changed from culture to culture, from the Egyptians to the French and from the French to Americans, we see love sprout in every corner.

Love, although exciting and daring, still seems to give joy to the young and to the young at heart. One man, Damian Maldonado, said, “Everyone needs love. It’s a natural bond between two people. It’s a great thing and an exciting thing all at once.”

For this Valentine’s Day, there are many who will simply want to spend quality time with their significant other. For others it would mean a meal and a nice gift.

Roses continue to be the popular gift along with teddy bears, candy and cards, but there also seems to be a new trend.

More and more women are beginning to buy for their men. A popular gift seen is candy bouquets or snack cards filled with food and sugary snacks.

“Women are beginning to take charge,” said Angie Wade of Butterfly Kissed Designs. “Roses are still big, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, they will buy things just to make sure they have something for their sweetheart. They will take anything out of the store.”

It seems love continues to prosper in Vance County, but the question is, “What does it take?”

For all ages, from young to middle-aged to elderly, love takes commitment, time and understanding. Mark Binion said love “should grow with time and go from being less physical to just being more about being with one another and just caring about one another in a loving relationship between two adults.”

Michael Puckett from Bill’s Flower Shop added, “You have to love each other and understand each other. You have to take the time to know each other and be with one another.”

Puppy love still abounds, has its fun, but true love is so much more.

Several tend to focus on spending quality time with their loved ones rather than indulging in the sweet gifts that Valentine’s Day brings.

Viola Powell says, “When my husband and I were together, we would sit down at home and spend time with each other, and that’s all that really mattered.”

In the past few days, flowers have been ordered and cut, candy and teddy bears stocked on shelves, and plenty of other trinkets placed on display for buyers to grab.

But Vance County is also prospering with romance, with loved ones spending endearing time together.

Love is in the air, and it will last well beyond Valentine’s Day.

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