Oxford couple celebrates 58 years of marriage

Feb. 13, 2013 @ 08:41 PM

The Roman poet Virgil once wrote, “Love conquers all.”

Roy and Joyce Wilkins of Oxford would agree. The retired couple celebrated 58 years of marriage last week on Tuesday.

Roy and Joyce have been through several hardships and have conquered each one with love being their battle shield. As time progressed their love grew enormously. In retirement, they enjoy each other’s company and live happily to themselves.

Their relationship started out at a young age, when Roy was 18 and Joyce 17.

Joyce had never seen Roy before the night she went on a date with a friend of Roy’s.

Roy rode along, and while Joyce’s date was out of the car, Roy asked Joyce out for the next weekend. Since March 13 of 1953, Roy and Joyce have been inseparable.

They married about two years later, on Feb. 5, 1955.

They describe the first years of their marriage as starting out on the rocks. They were poor and had little money. For their first year of marriage they stayed with Roy’s parents and soon scraped up enough money to live in a small two-room home located on the farm of Joyce’s parents.

They farmed to get by, but just barely.

“We didn’t have money for necessities or extras. We struggled through that. If we didn’t have the Lord then I’m not sure how we would have pulled through,” says Joyce.

Since money was low, food was mostly made of biscuits and milk gravy. They also had one chicken and would wait a few days until there were enough eggs for them to eat.

As time progressed their loved blossomed and soon they had enough money to worry less and less about putting food on the table and could focus on raising a family.

Their first set of children was a set of twins named Harry and Larry.

Joyce struggled through their birth and ended up in the hospital for 14 days to recover, but Roy was by her side.

Later, she and Roy welcomed Cathy, Angela and Scott.

“We have 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren,” Joyce said.

From those early rocks, both Joyce and Roy agree they have an excellent marriage more than half a century later. They live a happy life with one another and have a large, beautiful family. The Lord was been the center of their life ever since they have been together, and they say the Lord had carried them through to this day.

“He is a devoted husband. He is a Christian and a good father, grandfather and a good great-grandfather,” says Joyce.
Laureen Wilkins, a daughter in-law of the family, says, “When Roy prays, he prays about his wife and begins to tear up when thanking the Lord for his wife. He loves her so much.”

Their love has grown from a single seed to an exquisite garden that reveals every memory and every struggle that their love has cherished and conquered.

Love conquers all.