Shoppers flood local stores in search of gifts

Feb. 13, 2013 @ 08:38 PM

Vance County citizens are ready to show some love for Valentine’s Day.

Flower and specialty gift shops buzzed Wednesday with shoppers in search of the perfect Valentine for their significant other.

At the Hallmark gift shop on Dabney Drive in Henderson, people rushed in and out buying cards, balloons, stuffed animals and specialty gifts.

“Of course everybody has to get a card,” said Bobby Tippett, storeowner. “Then it’s stuffed animals, balloons, some roses, of course the chocolates.”

While Tippett has sold a number of classic, cliché Valentine’s Day gifts, unique to his store this year are Blooming Expressions.

“They are these flowers, and when you push the button they play music, they open up, and they’ve got a message,” Tippett said.

Walking out of the Hallmark store Wednesday afternoon toting an oversized heart-shaped balloon was Hannah Fuller.

Fuller was shopping for her boyfriend of three years, Chad Whittemore, who asked her not to get him anything for Valentine’s Day.

“He’s way older than I am,” Fuller said. “He told me not to get him really anything.”

In the true spirit of Valentine’s Day Fuller opted to ignore her boyfriends request and purchased a giant card to match his giant balloon.

“I got him this really cute card,” Fuller said. “It’s like really big, and it has two bumble bees, and it says ‘Bee Mine’, and then on the inside it says, ‘Valentine’”.

At Bill’s Flowers and Gifts on Corbitt Road in Henderson, owner Linda Woodard was busy arranging preordered bouquets for delivery today.

An estimated 150 to 200 arrangements were ordered in the two days prior to Valentine’s Day.

“I’m running four delivery vans,” Woodard said of her plan for the big day.

Woodard expects her store to be busy with last-minute shoppers all day today, but says many males actually prepare well for the day of love.

“They do fairly well early, males do, they really do,” Woodard said. “It sounds crazy, but they do.”

Chuck Tillotson of Townsville prepped Wednesday, purchasing the Valentine’s Day essentials he felt would keep his wife of 18 years happy.

“I got her flowers, a card, and a box of candy,” Tillotson said. “We’re going out to supper on Valentine’s Day.”

Another purchasing a Valentine card for his wife of 34 years was William Daye.

Daye was extra prepared with plans in place for a dinner date today, and fun throughout the rest of the weekend.

“This year we are having dinner with our church,” Daye said. “There are some events in town we’re going to talk about.

“I hear there’s something down at the community college this weekend, and we have another event planned for Sunday, so we’re going to be busy!”

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