Assistant principal among resignations

Feb. 12, 2013 @ 06:40 PM

An assistant principal’s resignation from Northern Vance High School was not among those announced publicly in Monday night’s meeting of the Vance County Schools board of education.

The chairwoman of the personnel committee confirmed Jeremy Crawford’s resignation, which occurred since the board last met.  But the only resignations approved during the course of business were a counselor position at Henderson Middle and a mechanic position for the county.

“He has resigned,” said Ruth Hartness, chair of the personnel committee. “He wasn’t fired.”

Hartness confirmed that Crawford’s resignation was discussed during the executive session of Monday night’s meeting. Superintendent Ronald Gregory has not set a timetable for filling the position.

“Mr. Gregory indicated that as soon as he could fill that position he would, but no time frame was given,” Hartness said.

Six position leaves were given approval at five different schools throughout the county. Eight employment recommendations at five different schools and the central office were also made.

The personnel committee’s motion for approval included athletic coaches for the spring semester at Northern Vance High, Southern Vance High, Eaton-Johnson Middle and Henderson Middle.

During the finance committee report, approval was given for signing authority governing bank actions. A current list of bank signature authorities for Vance County Schools, effective for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, was included for board members.

Approval was given for the declaration of a 2001 Dodge van as surplus property, subject to disposal according to state and local guidelines.

Four budget amendment approvals were also made during the finance committee report.

A report from the building and grounds committee indicated that a Moms and Pops program may soon be implemented into the school system.

The program would act as an extended safety measure, providing parent volunteers to act as an extra pair of eyes and ears in the schools.

Hartness indicated Gregory has been meeting with other governing agencies to help launch the program.

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