Groups offering fun-filled activities

May. 16, 2013 @ 05:59 PM

Free food and entertainment will be available at Aycock Recreation Complex from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday, courtesy of Club 15 in an event to promote the community.

Club 15 is a craftsman club made up of Princehall Masons, an all-men fundraising organization, and Eastern Stars, an all-women chapter of the overarching foundation called Beacon Light Masonic Lodge.

The men and women are combining forces to host a Community Day in an effort to give back to the community according to Lamont Noel, president of Club 15 and senior warden of Beacon Light Masonic Lodge.

“It’s part of our duty as Masons to take care of our community,” Noel said.

Although this is only the third annual Community Day, Noel explained that the first event held two years ago was inspired by a brother lodge out in Minnesota which had hosted a similar event.

Music will be performed live by local musicians, including David Westbrook, the principal of Carver Elementary School; Sahin Harris; and others with their respective bands.

BoHo the Clown will present a magic show. Face painting, bouncy slides and other activities will be available for children. Community Day will also supply local resource information such as tips on safety and fire prevention.

The complimentary meal will be comprised of burgers and hot dogs.

While there is no admission fee, Club 15 will be accepting donations. However, they prefer that donations come from businesses rather than individuals, although individuals have donated in the past.

“If we’re giving back to our community we can’t just turn around and charge them,” Noel explained.

He said Community Day is being made possible because several businesses had already made donations to Club 15.

Noel said each of the past annual community day events easily served a thousand people who came in and out throughout the day. Club 15 expects a similar turnout this year.

Noel anticipates the event will be “a day of fun for the kids and for all of Vance County.”

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