Conservancy’s request has support of Granville commissioners

Sep. 04, 2013 @ 08:57 PM

OXFORD — Commissioners in Granville County have approved a monetary request of $20,000 from a land conservancy group.

Derek Halberg, executive director of the Tar River Land Conservancy, appeared before the commissioners Tuesday to ask for support in acquiring 215 acres of land on Brogden Road between Stem and Interstate 85. The organization has an opportunity to buy the land for $733,000.

The bulk of the funding will be obtained from other sources, he said.

The commissioners voted to approve the conservancy’s request for $20,000, contingent on securing all the funds needed for the project.

Expressing concern about the lack of plans to assure public accessibility to the land, Timothy Karan was the only commissioner opposed.

After holding public hearings, the commissioners:

• Adopted text amendments to the Granville County Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Siting Ordinance.

• Accepted corrective measures recommended by Joyce Engineering to remedy groundwater impacts at the closed Butner Landfill.

At the request of Diane Cox, executive director of Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments, the board adopted a resolution of support for the Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments’ application for a 205j grant under the federal Clean Water Act. The project began in 2012. The continuation grant would extend the project through September 2015.

According to Cox, continuing the project will fund a full-time water quality planning/outreach position and provide resources for citizens, elected officials and developers.

By a 6-1 vote, the board authorized the planning staff to apply to the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization for $250,000 for a study of the N.C. 56 corridor between Butner and Creedmoor. The 20 percent match would be split between the two municipalities and the county, with each paying $16,666.67. Saying, “It’s a waste of money,” Commissioner Dave Currin voted no.

The commissioners approved adjustments to the Compensation and Classification Plan recommended by Justin Ayscue, the human resources director, including three positions in the Department of Social Services, three positions in the Finance Department and a change in the title from Director of Environmental Programs to Solid Waste Director.

The commissioners received a request by the Research Triangle Regional Partnership for 2013-2014 dues to be calculated at 30 cents per capita, up from 10 cents per capita in 2012-2013. The proposed increase was requested because of cuts in state funding. Economic Development Executive Director Bill Edwards recommended paying $6,086, one-third of the requested amount.

“They are state funded,” he said. “I don’t see that we’ll get any less activity.”

The board approved paying dues of $6,086.


The commissioners approved a request by the sheriff’s office to buy a 2014 Ford Expedition.

The board made the following appointments:

• City of Oxford Planning Board extraterritorial member: Luanne Gilligan.

• Granville County Economic Development Advisory Board: Michael Ciriello and Elvin Mangum Jr.

• Granville County Tourism Development Authority: Hiren Patel.

After holding a closed session, the commissioners approved a motion to support the affidavit of ownership of the abandoned railroad right of way at the Oxford-Henderson Airport. Each member organization of the airport authority was asked to support the affidavit to reclaim the right of way for the authority.

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