Auctions possible to move county's foreclosed property

Apr. 01, 2014 @ 07:33 PM

Although private negotiations have picked up, the property committee for the Vance County commissioners wants to move foreclosed property.

Electronic and on-site auctions may be the next step.

“We want to expedite the sale of these and get them in the hands of tax-paying citizens,” said Jerry Ayscue, the county manager, following Tuesday’s committee meeting.

Jonathan Care, the county attorney, presented the committee with best methods of sale, and also outlined their limitations.

“We, as the county, are not making any representation of what you are buying at a foreclosure sale,” Care said.

Listings that are released for public sale contained information provided by the previous owner. This could mean that buyers get more or less than they bargain for in purchases.

“If we are going to actively sell these properties and get the public involved, there needs to be disclosure of this,” Commissioner Dan Brummitt said.

The committee proposed an electronic and on-site auction session be taken to the full board for review next Monday. Approval is required by the full board’s vote.

Also during the meeting, the committee established guidelines for use of the Vance County Regional Farmers Market facility.

“It’s primarily a farmers market,” Care said.

The committee established that other uses of the facility cannot affect the farmers market.

Prices were set for the security deposit ($250) licensing fees ($200 per four hours) and a maximum capacity level of no more than 150.

With a split decision of the meeting attendees, alcohol will be banned on the premises.

The committee is doing more investigation on if they can ban firearms.

“I just want to make sure that we are good neighbors,” Ayscue said.

After research on what can officially be banned from the facility, the guidelines will be taken to the board for approval.

“We won’t get them perfect,” said Deborah Brown, chairwoman of the commissioners. “After renting it out we might decide that we need to tweak some things.”

The farmers market will be displayed in two functions on Thursday. An invitation-only event for a ribbon-cutting is scheduled from noon to 2, and a public open house follows from 2 to 4.

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