Vance school board will hear about chemical program

Jan. 12, 2013 @ 08:51 PM

A chemical safety program aimed at protecting students and staff will be presented in the superintendent’s report during Monday night’s scheduled meeting of the Vance County School board.

The Chemical Safety Program provides policies, operating procedures, and protective equipment that are intended to protect staff and students from health hazards potentially occurring in science labs of Vance County Schools.

Hazardous chemical properties may contribute to fires, explosions, and react violently with other non-hazardous materials.

The superintendent report will also discuss yearly goals for standing committees, in place to discuss and investigate issues that need extensive deliberation prior to presentation of the full board at its regular meeting.

Standing committee’s and their aims are as follows:

• Policy: high student achievement and productive citizens in a global society.

• Finance: organizational productivity.

• Curriculum: high student achievement and productive citizens in a global society.

• Personnel: quality and caring professionals.

• Building and grounds: healthy and safe environment.

• Community and business relations: strong community, parent and business partnerships.

Other matters for discussion include a report from each of the standing committees and new business.

An overnight field trip request, and an out of county transfer request will be presented as recurring items.

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