New owners envision hotel, restaurant

Jan. 10, 2013 @ 07:50 PM

A new owner with aspirations of promoting local business has purchased property on Parham Road that includes the old Ambassador’s Inn, a smaller detached unit, and a restaurant.

The HuZko group LLC, owned by Anjali Koul and Vijay Koul of Charlotte, closed on the property Dec. 20.

“We are looking for a good opportunity to work for ourselves and the community,” said Anjali. “This is one of the counties that has high unemployment, so it caught our attention.

“We thought if we were to bring this property up we would gain employment for local community members.”

Renovations at the Ambassador’s Inn began shortly after the first of the year, and new furniture was delivered on Thursday.

“We are bringing a branded hotel,” Anjali said. “The smaller building on the property, that would fly another flag. We would split it, two hotels.”

In a show of support for the citizens of Vance County, the Kouls had all mattresses from the building donated to Lifeline Outline Inc., an emergency shelter on Raleigh Road in Henderson.

Meeting rooms in the hotel will be restored with high-tech equipment to provide available space where businesses and organizations can gather for presentations.

The ballroom will also be restored to provide an area where families and friends can host events.

Nancy Wilson, executive director of the Vance County Department of Tourism, says plans are for the property to open in March.

“I’ve been in communication with both parties, and they plan on opening in March,” Wilson said. “I hope they do what they said they were going to do and bring it up to a better property than it is now.”

At the new property, out of town visitors will be able to walk to an onsite restaurant, where ideally local culinary talent would be showcased.

“People have been showing interest in opening the restaurant in Massachusetts, Virginia, West Virginia. I’m trying to not go with them,” Anjali said. “If somebody could come up with good credit, good culinary skills, I’ll give them two months off rent, and a good discount on monthly rent.”

Ideally Koul would like to see culinary students from Vance-Granville Community College gain work experience at the restaurant on her property.

“Vance-Granville Community College has a wonderful culinary program,” Anjali said. “If somebody wants to try their luck in the restaurant we will work with them.

“We want to promote local business and local talent.”

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Henderson-Vance County Economic Development Commission, Wilson expressed her gratefulness for the additional 80 plus rooms, soon to be available for tourists in Henderson.

“We’re glad to have it opened back up,” Wilson said. “It will be open by the tournament season.

“The fishing tournament people love that property because of the big parking lot. I’m already sending people to the phone number they gave me for reservations.

“We need those rooms.”

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