White wins Vance school board primary

May. 07, 2014 @ 01:56 AM

Gloria White has retained her Board of Education seat in Vance County.

White defeated Carolyn Faines, 270-123, in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for the District 1 seat. No Republicans filed, and White would only be challenged by a write-in candidate in November.

Results from seven of the 12 precincts lagged behind the first five going up on the State Board of Elections website during the evening Tuesday. All 12 went final after midnight.

White and her campaign team gathered at New Hope Elementary at 6 a.m. Tuesday to rally last-minute supporters.

Faines also had a campaign team from her church sitting outside New Hope Elementary.

“She is my pastor, first of all,” said Kimberly Nelson, a campaign supporter. “She is a great person and great with people. I can’t wait for her to win.”

White has served on the Vance County Board of Education for more than 10 years, with multiple terms as chairwoman.

She sees the graduation rate, suspensions rate and teacher funding as important issues to tackle if elected to another term.

Faines, new to the political side of education, said that her main issues included increasing the student retention rate.

Earlier, she told The Dispatch that she believed their was a disconnect in the school system.

“We are bringing kids out of the public school and putting them in private school and they are excelling, but they are the same kids,” she said. “I am not sure where the breakdown is, but we need to focus and pull our schools up to par.” 

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