Insurance fraud suspect slated for appearance

Apr. 29, 2014 @ 08:00 PM

The N.C. Department of Insurance is looking for the public’s help with information about an alleged insurance fraud scheme.

Kerry Hall of the DOI said the agency is seeking potential victims of Clarence Jackson. The 46-year-old Jackson is accused of defrauding insurance companies on three occasions between August and late October 2013 by staging water damage in homes and helping homeowners make false or exaggerated insurance claims to his benefit.

He was taken into custody in Virginia and extradited to North Carolina on Feb. 26, where he remains in custody and has been charged with insurance fraud, obtaining property by false pretense and common law forgery in Vance, Northampton and Edgecombe counties, according to a DOI statement.

He will appear in Vance County District Court on Thursday for those charges.

“We just want to get this person’s name and his alleged scam out there if there was more people involved in the insurance fraud or more victims affected,” Hall said.

Insurance companies paid out more than $150,000 for the allegedly fraudulent claims for which Jackson has been charged.

According to investigators, Jackson may be known as Jeremiah, Jalil or other aliases and may have offered to assist homeowners with insurance claims through radio advertisements. Jackson is accused of having used the following restoration company names: Quality Restoration and Cleaning, Restoration on Demand, Dependable Restoration, and All Purpose Restoration.

Hall said there are various types of insurance fraud, such as people staging car crashes or falsely claiming an item stolen.

“Regardless of the type, when insurance fraud occurs, everyone has to pay for it in higher premiums,” she said. “So it’s important to fight it.”

She said an estimated 10 cents of every dollar paid in premiums goes toward the payment of fraudulent claims.

The agency encourages people to contact the N.C. Department of Insurance Criminal Investigations if they have information about Jackson or suspect fraudulent activity.

“If people ever have questions about their insurance, want to verify the license number of an agent, suspect insurance fraud, they should call the Department of Insurance Criminal Investigations Division,” she said.

The division can be reached at (919) 807-6840. Information is also available online at


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