Tri-County could see severe storms

Apr. 28, 2014 @ 07:04 PM

The Tri-County area could see severe storms over the next couple of days.

A National Weather Service advisory warned of the potential for severe weather, especially today and Wednesday.

“There’s a front that has stalled overtop of our area of North Carolina,” said Brian Short, director of Henderson-Vance County Emergency Operations. “Because of the weather pattern we are in, we are more prone than usual to violent or severe thunderstorms.”

Specifically, forecasters said weather patterns could lead to a supercell thunderstorm.

“A supercell is just a thunderstorm’s structure,” said Shawna Cokley, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Raleigh. “Instead of a line, they’re usually by themselves and usually have some rotation. There can also be some tornadic activity. [Today] looks like the best day for that. There’s the potential for hail and severe winds. Also with all the rain we’re getting, there’s potential for some flooding as well.”

Short said his department is keeping an eye on the storm, because there’s not much they can do until they know its path.

“There’s really nothing you can do until it’s over with, and then it’s really just managing the consequences of the storm,” he said.

For its part, Duke Energy has its own meteorologists keeping a close watch on the storm, spokeswoman Meghan Musgrave said.

The energy giant has an emergency response plan for responding to severe weather, and employees are checking to be sure they have the necessary supplies should outages occur, she said.

As of Monday afternoon, Duke was not mobilizing contractors and out-of-state workers to be on standby, but Musgrave didn’t rule it out.

Instead, she urged people to have the necessary supplies on hand in case the storm’s path did take it over the Tri-County area.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency counsels creating an emergency preparedness kit with enough food, water, medications and other supplies to last for at least 72 hours. For more information, go to

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