Granville school board checks district compensation policy

Mar. 01, 2014 @ 05:27 PM

OXFORD — The Granville County Board of Education is taking a close look at pay practices in the school district.

The board met in a special called meeting Feb. 19. Chairwoman Brenda Dickerson-Daniel told The Dispatch members of the board were concerned about policies and practices related to compensation. She called the special meeting to consider those concerns, she said.

Dickerson-Daniel sent the The Dispatch a copy of comments she made in the meeting, including a motion to employ the law firm of Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey and Leonard “to conduct a full investigation, including particularly a review of the forensic and accounting evidence regarding the payment of compensation, and to report to the Board regarding their findings.”

Previous audits had been made of the curriculum, support services and finances, she said.

Because the issue involved personnel, the board went into closed session to discuss the motion, Dickerson-Daniel said. She said she was unable to answer questions except to say that in the closed session there was general discussion to move forward.

When the board returned to open session, a vote was taken on the motion. It passed 5-1, Dickerson-Daniel said, with board member Leonard Peace voting nay. Board member Patrick Cox was absent.

Associate Superintendent Allan Jordan recently announced his retirement. Dickerson-Daniel said his retirement was unrelated to the concerns about compensation policies and practices.

“He said some time ago that he would retire when his grandson graduated from J.F. Webb,” she said, adding that Jordan filed for retirement two weeks ago.

Dickerson-Daniel said the board wanted administrative practices to be as good as educational practices in the district.

“Look at what we’re offering these children,” she said, listing a number of options offered to students. “There’s lots of good stuff going on. We just want to make sure that our policies and practices are in line.”

Granville County Schools Superintendent Tim Farley agreed to provide information on administrators’ salaries but did not comment on the school board’s action.

Efforts to contact other school board members for comments were not successful.


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