Theft of lottery tickets increasing in Vance County

Mar. 25, 2013 @ 06:18 PM

Thefts of lottery tickets from convenience store retailers in the Henderson area has become the focus of an investigation spearheaded by the Vance County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Peter White said on Monday.

Larceny of an undisclosed number of lottery tickets reported at the Rose Mart, 2101 N. Garnett St., Henderson, on Saturday is the latest of several thefts that netted the tickets along with a grab of minor convenience consumables, according to White.

Most of the thefts that include lottery tickets as a stolen item have taken place in the county, according to law enforcement officials.

“An individual or group is throwing a rock or brick and then grabbing beer, cigarettes and lottery tickets,” White said. “It is basically a smash-and-grab.”

White said the style of theft has been a problem before, culprits were caught and the activity ceased.

“We have had cases before dealing with lottery tickets,” he said.

Other ticket thefts included:

• The theft of 10 books of lottery tickets, an unknown number of $10 and $20 tickets per book, was reported Thursday at 39 BP convenience store, 2868 N.C. 39 South, Henderson.

• The theft of 10 lottery tickets was reported March 4 at Food Lion, 1241 Dabney Drive, Henderson.

• The theft by embezzlement of $9,000 cash and numerous lottery tickets was reported Jan. 9 at the Party Pickup, 655 N. Garnett St., Henderson.

The sheriff’s office will take tips from anyone with information at (252) 738-2200, or tips can be given to Crime Stoppers at (252) 492-1925. Information can also be given online at

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