Enhancing, and growing, partnerships cited by Inscoe

Sep. 17, 2013 @ 08:55 PM


As Mike Inscoe looks at Henderson’s future, he sees partnerships as a big key to its success.

Inscoe said the crime rate, economic development and job creation remain at the forefront of concerns for the city. But some of the answers to those issues lie in collaborative efforts, including incentives.

Inscoe is the incumbent running for re-election to the at-large Ward 2 seat. He’s challenged by Arnold Booth Jr. Early voting begins Thursday and Election Day is Tuesday, Oct. 8.

“I stress the reduction in our crime rate,” said Inscoe, who is completing his third term. “As a council person, I would like to work toward increasing the number of officers on the street.

“Economic development and job creation are always on the forefront.”

Inscoe said the city will not be able to save its way to prosperity.

“And we can’t raise taxes and fees to prosperity,” Inscoe said. “So we have to increase the tax base with more businesses and economic development.”

Inscoe said development can work together with increasing jobs.

“I think, too, the city and county could look at a comprehensive incentive package,” Inscoe said. “Nobody likes incentives, but it’s the name of the game this day and time.”

Inscoe wants incentives not just for large companies, but for all sizes.

Along with that is the need to be aggressive in marketing Triangle North, Inscoe said. He’s also confident the city has a valuable asset: water.

“I think we need to begin looking at public and private partnerships in creating jobs in economic development,” Inscoe said. “There are a lot of private firms that do this for clients, and that’s something we need to take a look at.”

Inscoe is a lifelong resident of Henderson, with years serving on the Henderson Planning Board, the Henderson Board of Adjustments and Kerr Lake Regional Water System. He worked for Harriet & Henderson Yarns 32 years and now owns a consulting business.

“I’m dedicated. I have the experience. I am fortunate to be a detailed person,” Inscoe said. “I look at the numbers, whether or not something is feasible, but more important, I represent the entire community. And, I will continue to represent the entire community. I will listen to folks. I will listen to what they have to say, and I will make the best decision for the greater majority of this community.

“And I think you should always give back a part of your time to the community.”


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