Many murders on Vance docket

Volume of cases creates backlog
Jul. 25, 2014 @ 05:55 PM

There are 20 defendants facing first-degree murder charges in the deaths of 12 individuals since 2011 in Vance County Superior Court.

The number of first-degree murder cases in Vance County is more than the combined total in Granville, Warren and Franklin counties.

The following is a list of the victims and defendants:


• Cavin White and Timothy Neal

White, 33, of 107 Cobble Creek Drive, and Neal, 34, of 23 Foster Road, were indicted on first-degree murder charges in January 2012 in the shooting death of Lonnie Demond Yancey, 28. Yancey was shot Dec. 15, 2011, several times with a handgun at close range at the Garrett Road and Vanco Mill Road intersection where deputies recovered a blue 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser. The Cruiser had two passenger side windows broken out, and some glass from the windows rested on the street beside the vehicle. Yancey had been treated in an ambulance at the scene for several minutes and then was transported to Maria Parham Medical Center. Both White’s and Neal’s cases have been declared capital, which means they can be put to death if found guilty. A trial date to hear motions in these cases has been set for Aug. 11.


• Xavier D. Sellers, Marcus Brown and Rasheed Kearney

Sellers, 33, Brown, and Kearney, 28, were indicted on first-degree murder charges in the Jan. 5, 2012, murder of Alfred Henderson.

Henderson died at his residence, 129 Oak Tree Lane, of a gunshot wound to the head. According to court documents, the three men initially broke into the residence expecting to find a sizable amount of cash belonging to another resident there. The cases against Sellers, Brown and Kearney have not been declared capital. Sellers’ case is expected to go to trial in December 2014. No trial date for the others has been set.


• LaMichael Grant

Grant, of 317 Pearl St., was indicted on a first-degree murder charge in the shooting death of Avone Fouch, 31, of 277 Faulkner St., on March 12, 2012, in the 100 block of West Rockspring Street. According to the autopsy, Fouch was shot through and through at 6:30 p.m. near the Party Pickup convenience store. He died an hour later at Maria Parham Medical Center. Fouch took the round through the spine. The lethal bullet pierced the lower, or descending, area of the aorta, the primary vessel taking blood away from the heart. It also pierced his liver. Police arrested Grant on March 13, the day following the shooting incident. He had been the subject of a manhunt and described as armed and extremely dangerous. Motions in this case are scheduled to be heard in court Aug. 11. A trial date is set for Nov. 10. His case was declared non-capital, which means prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty.


• Steven Talley

Talley, of 277 Abbott Road, was indicted on a first-degree murder trial in the April 13, 2012, murder of his uncle, Robert Elmo Talley Jr. According to the autopsy, the 57-year-old Robert Talley was struck at least 18 times with an axe, most of them found in two clusters and some deep enough to damage his brain stem. The attack also fractured 11 teeth. Steven Talley has asserted an affirmative self-defense argument under the state’s Castle Doctrine provisions, according to testimony in Vance County Superior Court in June 2013. Steven B. DeCillis, his former attorney, said his client rightfully used deadly force against a drunken uncle who had burst through a rear door into the Abbott Road trailer home and attacked other family members. Steven Talley is now represented by David Waters. Prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty. A trial date is set for February 2015.


• Myiesha Monique Williams

Williams was arrested in May 2013 on a first-degree murder charge in connection with the shooting death of 16-year-old Deonte Malik Judkins, who was a student at Northern Vance High School. Judkins was shot in the arm on the porch of 1283 Walters St., Henderson, on Dec. 11, 2012. The bullet continued into the chest through both lungs and the area of the heart, according to the autopsy. Detectives characterized the incident as a drive-by shooting. Williams’ trial date is set for April 2015. Quatrail Pair, co-defendant in this case, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. He was sentenced to a minimum of 300 months and maximum of 372 months or 25 to 31 years.


• Edward Hawkins

Hawkins was indicted on first-degree murder in the Feb. 16, 2013, shooting deaths of Kenya Odessa Hodges, 34, of 519 Daniel St., and Michael Jerome Kearney, 33, of 804 Epsom Road. The two victims were found dead at the Scottish Inn on North Garnett Street. Prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty. Motions in this are set to be heard Aug. 11. No trial date has been set.


• Shakeem Delshon Barnes

Barnes was indicted on first degree-murder in the shooting death of 25-year-old La’Darrius Talley, of 776 Mount Pleasant Road, Manson. Talley was found killed in a car that crashed on Lincoln Street. He was pronounced dead on the scene. No trial date was set, but motions will be heard Aug. 11.


• Corey Cheek Jr., Lagarris Alexander Peace, Remeke Kreashon Holden

Cheek, Peace and Holden were indicted on first-degree murder charges in the shooting death of Jerry Wright, 45, of 302 Lincoln Ave. Wright was killed on Feb. 24, 2012, outside the Beacon Light Masonic Lodge instantly by a single gunshot to the right side of the head, just above the ear, according to autopsy reports. The cases have not been set for trial.


• Joey Kearney

Kearney was indicted on first-degree murder in the Dec. 19, 2013, shooting death of 63-year-old Roger Dell Tant. This case is in the beginning pre-trial stages. No trial date has been set. His case was not declared capital because Kearney was 16-years-old when the incident took place.


• Alan J. Gibson, Darius Benson, Jemel D. Bullock and Travis Kingsberry

Gibson, 37, Benson, 27, Bullock, 29, and Kingsberry, 31, were indicted on first-degree murder charges in the death of 28-year-old Montrell Alston. Alston was shot in his home on Jan. 9, 2009. He was pronounced dead after emergency medical services personnel arrived on scene.

At the time, officers said robbery may have been the motive for the incident but would not comment further. None of the cases was declared capital. No trial dates have been set.


• Diaquan Waddell and Marvin Hargrove Jr.

Waddell, 18, and Hargrove, 25, were indicted on first-degree murder charges in connection with the fatal shooting of 55-year-old Ahmed Shahit while attempting to rob the Henderson BP station on Raleigh Road. Shahit was working at the store when the men tried to rob him. The cases against Waddell and Hargrove were declared capital.


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