VGCC tuition could increase

Jul. 21, 2014 @ 10:17 PM

Tuition rates could increase for Vance-Granville Community College students next year.

At the board of trustees meeting Monday night, Steve Graham, college vice president of finance and operations, said the State Board of Community Colleges approved a 50 cent increase to the schools can charge per credit hour.

This would increase Vance-Granville's in-state rate from $71.50 per credit hour to $72, with a maximum of $1,152 per semester. Out-of-state tuition would go from $263.50 to $264 per credit hour with a cap of $4,224 per semester.

This change has been enacted before the General Assembly could approve its budget, and Graham said it is subject to change.

"If the General Assembly adjourns without the enactment of legislation directing this tuition increase, this action will be null and void,” he said.

He said any funds gathered under the tuition raise would then be refunded.

Continuing education registration fees will not be affected.

Also during the meeting, trustees approved a new distance education policy allowing the college to deny admission to out-of-state students coming from states without a mutual agreement with the college.

At the last board of trustees meeting, President Stelfanie Williams said she was notified that states were collecting fees from colleges who admit their residents into distance education programs.

She said states are charging up to $13,000 per student.

She said the State Board of Community Colleges granted community colleges the right to adopt policies to protect themselves.

Williams also gave the board a preview of its 2014-2015 budget. She said the college received a $35,000 increase from Vance County to enhance security measures and about $20,000 more from Granville County to use for updates to the main campus.

She said the college is still collecting data on Warren and Franklin counties' budgets.

L. Opie Frazier, who has been a trustee since 1971 — though with a break between 1996 through 2002 — was sworn in, renewing his term for another four years.

Also during the meeting, the board approved the nominations committee recommendation to sustain officer positions for another year: Deborah Brown will remain chairwoman, Stanley H. Fox will serve another year as vice chairman, and Doris Terry Williams will remain secretary.


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