EDC elects new heads

Commission considering Sam Watkins subcommittee
Jul. 09, 2014 @ 06:14 PM

Familiar faces were elected to the executive committee of the Henderson-Vance County Economic Development Commission on Wednesday.

The chairman is Tom Church, vice chairman is Jim Kearney and secretary is Chuck Teeter.

The board also made tentative appointments to the seven EDC sub-committees.

At a previous meeting, Andrea Harris asked the board to look into establishing guidelines for the committees.

“There were expectations set out when these committees were formed,” Church said on Wednesday. “And what I thought was if we would ask the committees to meet and review their expectations and report to us if they don’t know what the expectations are or have questions. If we want to add additional expectations, we can do that at the next board meeting.”

Church said the board has not eliminated any existing committees.

“Some of these committees have been more active than others, but we felt that we still needed all of them,” he said. “We feel like there is some work to be done in those committees but if we find out there is not — or if a board member feels like there is an area where we need another committee — let one of us know and we will discuss that at the next meeting.”

Church said he hoped the committees will have met once and be in operation by the next board meeting.

He also introduced a new committee, called the Sam Watkins committee.

Watkins, who died suddenly in February, was the former chairman of the EDC and beloved member of the community.

“That committee will form with the board’s approval, and the purpose of that committee is to look at an award for a person that does the most yearly for economic development in Henderson and Vance County,” he said. “I think that will be a good way to not only honor Sam but honor somebody else and encourage people to work for economic development.”


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