Mobile home request denied by zoning board

Jan. 08, 2014 @ 10:14 PM

Residents of a Henderson neighborhood on Tuesday rejected a woman’s request to locate a single-wide mobile home on Old Epsom Road.

The Henderson Zoning Board of Adjustment heard from a realtor representing Fay Parker’s request and from several neighborhood residents who organized a petition against the request.

A brief round of light applause sounded from several residents as Arlene Richardson, the board chairman, announced the mobile home would not be allowed.

Realtor James Hutson told board members that Parker had arranged to purchase a 12-by-72-foot mobile home from another location, and she wanted to live in it at the proposed 2-acre mobile home site on Old Epsom Road.

“It will be an owner-occupied structure,” Hutson said.

Brenda Lofton, a resident living on Ridgecrest Trail adjoining the back end of the site, presented the petition to the board on behalf of listed residents who indicated their chief concern was adverse impacts on property values.

“I do have a list of residents who have signed this petition against placing this single-wide mobile home there,” Lofton said. “We don’t want a mobile home there to bring down the values of our properties.”

Board member Horace Bullock introduced a motion to deny Parker’s request for a special use permit needed in order to develop the property with a mobile home. Richardson interjected before the roll-call vote to advise members that votes for Bullock’s motion would be against the permit.

Bullock’s motion received a unanimous vote in favor. Bullock cited the expressed concern for property values and the lack of other mobile homes in the area as primary reasons that the request lacked merit.

“The special use permit has been denied,” Richardson said.

Neighbors greeted Hutson outside the Henderson City Council chambers on Rose Avenue to express their hope that Parker would find a suitable place to live.

Hutson said there were no hard feelings about the neighbor action against the request.

“It’s fine, it is what it is,” Hutson said. “We’ll just look for something else.”


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