Comics page introduced with some familiar friends

Dec. 31, 2013 @ 06:20 PM

The Dispatch says hello to new friends and welcomes back some old friends on the comics pages this week.

The daily and Sunday lineup of strips is changing. For the daily edition, other items of the page, while appearing in different positions, remain the same.

“Changes to a comics page are no laughing matter,” said James Edwards, Dispatch publisher. “We know well from previous changes that our readers have a hard time saying goodbye to the comic strips they love. We are hoping that the new additions will be well received.”

New to the daily comics page are six strips: Beetle Bailey, Hi & Lois, BC, Wizard of Id, Fort Knox and Pickles. Of those six, Beetle Bailey, Hi & Lois and Wizard of Id have been Sunday regulars in the Dispatch. Bizarro will now be appearing only on Sundays.

The “Horoscopes” listing has a new headline over it, “Astrology.” However, the source remains Eugenia Last from the national syndicate, Universal.

On Sundays, children are particularly expected to enjoy Slylock Fox/Comics for Kids. Also new on Sunday are Mother Goose & Grim, Dustin, Pickles and Fort Knox. The Lockhorns and BC return to the Sunday comics after having been gone for several years.

The changes come from a restructuring of comics among the Dispatch and its sister newspapers.

“We worked together with other publishers in our group to provide collectively the best lineup we could for our readers,” said Edwards. “Among our goals was to provide our readers with comics with proven appeal as well as some newer popular comics like Pickles and Fort Knox. It was tough saying goodbye to comics such as Curtis, Peanuts and Zits.

“As always, we value our readers’ feedback any time a change is made in features such as the comics.”

Edwards encouraged readers to write to him at with reactions and suggestions.

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