Water project’s change orders to be considered

Feb. 01, 2014 @ 03:30 PM

The Vance County commissioners will vote Monday night on several change orders to the first phase of the county’s water project.

There are two change orders for road additions to phase 1A, which encompasses Sandy Creek and Townsville. One is in the amount of $25,559.60 to add Abbeys Lane and the other is in the amount of $683,048 to add Stevenson’s mobile home park, Hamp Falkner Road, Village Drive, Kitts Landing mobile home park, Tower Road Extension, Aycock Road Extension and Cheatham Mabry Road.

This group of road additions had been held back because they needed to be designed and permitted, according to the agenda materials prepared by planning director Jordan McMillen.

The agenda materials state the finalized plans for a total of eight road additions were submitted to the state on Dec. 20.

The contractor, Hobbs Upchurch & Associates, has projected that roughly $245,541 remains in the first contract of phase 1A and $489,033 remains in the second contract of phase 1A, prior to these latest change orders, according to the agenda materials.

The available funds are primarily due to under-runs in the rock excavation portion of the contracts, but the actual amounts will be verified by contractor, according to the agenda reports.

There is also a change order in the amount of $59,331.59 for construction of a booster pump at the Phase 1A water tank.

The pump station is needed to fill the water tank during periods of high demand because the pressure in the main supply line is not enough to ill the tank entirely.

Tim Carpenter, of LKC Engineering, said construction on the phase one pump station could take about 60 days.

The commissioners will also vote to approve the goals they established at the board’s annual planning retreat.

They made the following goals, which could be amended Monday night:

• Increase the number of customers in phase 1A by 5 percent by the end of fiscal year 2015.

• Increase the number of customers in phase 2A and 2B by 30-35 percent by the end of fiscal year 2015.

• To plan for the establishment of a redevelopment authority or other similar entity for the purpose of creating jobs, expanding the county’s tax base and breathing new life into the neighborhood and business districts.

• To reduce vacant, county-owned buildings 67 percent by the end of fiscal year 2015.

• To develop a three-year plan for constructing a new county animal shelter, in coordination with the Animal Control Advisory Committee, and acquire the neighboring property from the state during fiscal year 2014-2015.

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