Mayor’s procedure scheduled for Monday

Jan. 27, 2014 @ 05:40 PM

Henderson Mayor Pete O’Geary on Monday said his surgery has not taken place yet, but he is undergoing a process of preparation for a procedure that is expected to take several hours on Monday.

While he underwent several test and preparation procedures on Friday, there were concerns about the effects of specific medications. Those concerns caused doctors to make a couple changes and set the surgery date for a week later.

“I have not had the surgery yet, they scheduled me for Feb. 3,” O’Geary said. “For now, they have sent me home to rest.”

O’Geary said resting is not his specialty, and he is eager to put the discovered situation regarding his heart behind him.

“I can’t do anything, can’t go to any stressful meetings — that’s what they said. I just have to rest,” O’Geary said. “I am looking forward to getting it done and over with, but first I have to get through this week of just waiting.”

O’Geary confirmed his confidence in a complete recovery, citing the blessings of good health and a great team of doctors.

O’Geary said that missing Monday night’s meeting of the City Council is part of the required rest order by doctors, but he can visit his office at City Hall for about an hour a day.


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