Homeowner kills suspect during break in

May. 20, 2014 @ 09:43 PM

OXFORD — A Granville County homeowner shot and killed a suspect breaking into his home Tuesday morning.

Deputies with the Granville County Sheriff’s Office responded to a breaking and entering call around 8:40 a.m. Tuesday at 7590 Sam Hall Road, Oxford. They discovered the homeowner shot and killed one suspect — Rodney Hanks Jr., 20, of 7707 Sam Hall Road, Oxford  — while several people tried to break into the home. The other suspects were seen fleeing the area.

Sheriff Brindell Wilkins Jr. said the department was not releasing the name of the homeowner for his protection as others involved in the break-in have not yet been found.

The homeowner was uninjured and will not be charged in the shooting.

“They were breaking into his house; you’ve got the right to defend yourself,” Wilkins said. “The suspect had a gun and a knife.”

Wilkins said the suspects knew the homeowner.

The investigation is ongoing. Those with information about the break-in should call the sheriff’s office at (919) 693-3213 or Granville County Crime Stoppers at (919) 693-3100.


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