Warren county manager to be compensated for travel

Aug. 06, 2014 @ 04:02 PM

Warren’s county manager will be compensated for travel now.

At the Warren County Board of Commissioners meeting Monday, commissioners negotiated the deal in closed session.

Afterwards, they approved a $7,500 yearly allowance for County Manger Linda Worth’s travels effective Aug. 1.

Angelena Kearney-Dunlap, clerk to the board, said Worth drives all over the state attending conventions and events.

Worth said she uses her own car and gas and has not been compensated — like other local county managers have — for the entire 13 years she has been in her position.

The board also approved:

• Consent agenda items, including the declaration of August as World Breastfeeding Month in Warren County to join the county health department’s awareness week and the declaration of Warren County as a Purple Heart county — the 98th county to take the oath, according to Kearney-Dunlap.

• The reappointment of Karl F. Hehl to his seat on the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission for another three years.

• The authorization of sale of two old county maintenance vehicles and a resolution declaring intent to pay debt on new ones.

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